Divine Artistry

It is common for theists to speak of God’s artistry in creation. But that image sits awkwardly with a number of purported beliefs of classical theism. Artistry¬†involves challenge and accomplishment, but an omnipotent God¬†cannot overcome obstacles in any meaningful sense. Artistry involves choosing colors or melodies, but classical theism has asserted that God always “chooses” [Read More…]

Discovering How Not to Make a Lightbulb (or a Church)

My colleague Gautam Rao created posters for this past year's year-long series of events at Butler University centered around the theme of risk. Here is one of them, plus a second item he made explaining the inspiration for the first: The quote from Thimas Edison, that he had not failed over the years, he had [Read More…]

Ancient Hebrew Cosmology Depicted

IO9 shared this beautiful artistic depiction by Michael Paulkner of the way ancient Israelites (including the authors of Biblical texts) viewed the cosmos:   There’s a lot more by him on Flickr, including a depiction of Ptolemy’s cosmology. [Read more…]