Bring Me That Ass

This sign was given as an example of a church sign fail, but I’m not sure that this Palm Sunday paraphrase is actually a failure. It gets your attention, makes someone who doesn’t know the Bible wonder if Jesus ever said something like this, and makes the person who does know the Bible smirk at the [Read More…]

Literalism upon Literalism

This is a literalistic depiction of a literalistic understanding of Matthew 21:7, which reflects the author of that Gospel taking Zechariah 9:9 literally.   [Read more…]

Wild Asses

When we recently discussed the Book of Job in my class on the Bible, I couldn’t help but wonder what Job 39:5 sounded like to my students. In the NRSV it reads: Who has let the wild ass go free? Who has loosed the bonds of the swift ass… If you are a teenager, is [Read More…]

Biblical Pun of the Day

HT Jim West [Read more…]

Ba-lame Attempt At Humor

Today in my class on Revelation we were discussing chapter 2, and so it was important to check how familiar students were with the echoes of Scripture, in particular the use of the names Jezebel and Balaam. After one student correctly identified the latter as the person whose donkey had spoken, I made a very obvious joke about [Read More…]