Do You Want To Know The Truth?

Hemant Mehta shared a really useful thought experiment/discussion starter, which deserves to circulate widely. It is inspired by a newspaper column by Robert Kirby, and takes the form of a simple question: if there was a button that you could push, which would tell you definitively whether there is a God, and more specifically, whether [Read More…]

Get Your Ash In Church

A clever pun for Ash Wednesday. You can buy the button above from the Old Lutheran Gift Shop. [Read more…]

LOST Rewatch: Live Together, Die Alone

The finale to season 2 picks up where the previous episode left off, with excitement as a boat is seen off shore. Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer swim out to it. It turns out to be Desmond. He has been drinking heavily. He says he sailed due west the whole time and should have been in [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: ?

Eko has a dream in which he is building a church. He says he was told to in a dream. In the dream, Ana tells him that he needs to help John. Then he sees Yemi in the hatch. Yemi tells Eko that the work there is important, and that John has lost his way, [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: One of Them

The episode begins with a flashback of Sayid overseeing shredding of documents, and then being captured by American soldiers during the Iraq war. They get Sayid to help them interrogate his former commanding officer, Tariq. Inman shows to Sayid video indicating that Tariq used Sarin gas in a village where Sayid had relatives. Danielle Rousseau [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: Orientation

The episode begins with Jin being recaptured along with Michael and Sawyer by “others.” They are thrown into a pit. Eventually another person, a woman, is thrown down there. It turns out to be Ana-Lucia, from the tail section. We eventually learn that she is working with the people who captured them, and then that [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: Man of Science, Man of Faith

The season 2 premiere of LOST is wonderfully mind-bending, and showed the kinds of surprising things LOST had in store, as it started blowing the lid (literally) off of the mysteries it had set before us. It starts with things we aren’t immediately able to understand. But eventually, we discover that the person we are [Read More…]

I Feel Your Pain Button

A friend of mine recently said to me that there is a need for an “I feel your pain” button on Facebook – something that allows you to express the sympathy that we often want to express by clicking “like” but refrain from doing because “like” sounds as though we are taking pleasure in their [Read More…]

When “Like” Just Isn’t Strong Enough…

[Read more…]