Young John the Baptist, and John the Methodist

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Rabbit God, Duck God

I’ll let this New Yorker cartoon speak for itself… [Read more…]

Poor Sense of Direction

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Creation Science in a Nut Shell

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Far from God

This Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal cartoon illustrates nicely what the implications are of God in spatial terms, as a being rather than Being itself. On this one it is definitely worth clicking through to read the additional panel that appears when you push the red button.   [Read more…]

Why Do Unsexy Things Happen to Sexy People?

SMBC has tackled the problem of evil. What do you make of its response? I have this discussion (about the problem of evil – not about fetishes) in my First Year Seminar class regularly. Does anyone actually want to live in a universe in which you get a cookie every time you do something good, and as a [Read More…]

First Draft

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The Research Cycle

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Called to Ministry

Allan Bevere shared the cartoon above. I imagine that some Christians would balk at the notion that Jesus could have been inept at anything. But to suggest that he was good at everything is to deny that he was a human being. I was more concerned, when I saw the cartoon, that some might interpret it as saying [Read More…]