Sermon on the Amount

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Trust People More

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Beyond Superman as Christ Figure

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Big Bang Construction Company

I saw this on The Far Left Side's Facebook page. I am inclined to respond in the manner that I think the author of the Book of Job was getting at in the speeches towards the end of that book. If you can make a better universe, be my guest! There are lots of things [Read More…]

Noah’s Cats

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Genesis 3 (World Cup Translation)

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Where We’re Spending August

Another funny New Yorker cartoon. But it shows the problems with imaginging an afterlife. Do problems like living far from one's inlaws go away? If so, that raises theological issues of its own. See also Jerry Coyne's post, which makes some important points about the problems of imaginging God as like a vertibrate, as humans [Read More…]

Would Work on Many Professors, Too

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Biblical Literalism’s Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

David Hayward’s cartoon above illustrates the reason why I consider Biblical literalism to be an attack on Christianity, rather than an expression of faithfulness to it. No matter how much they insist otherwise, no one actually takes the Bible literally – not even all the bits that are “clearly” non-poetic. But that doesn’t stop preachers [Read More…]

Honest Door-to-Door Salespeople/Evangelists

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