Romans 13

Romans 13 has been getting a lot of mention lately. Romans 13:1¬†was the one biblical text that the Communist authorities in Romania consistently knew. “Submit to the authorities” – the Bible says so! We all know that the Bible can be used both to build and to bludgeon. The Bible itself contains multiple perspectives on [Read More…]

Communist Monopoly

I got a kick out of this Communist version of Monopoly. But I also recommend a serious read of the Open Culture article about the anti-monopoly message of the original precursor of the modern board game we know as Monopoly. Then for another bit of amusement, check out this Trojan War edition of Monopoly: [Read more…]

Dividing Land Like Wealth

I reposted this image that came my way on Facebook, and it generated a significant amount of discussion. I find it interesting for a number of reasons, besides the striking illustration of the distribution of wealth in the United States. It helps make the point that, just as one cannot simply produce more land as [Read More…]

Outrageous! The Skewed Values of Many American Christians

[Read more…]

The Radical Middle (From The Archives)

I never thought I’d say this, but America might be better off if it had more prominent Fascist and Communist parties. In most European countries there are more than two parties that have a serious chance of having someone represented to parliament or an equivalent representative body, and the prime minister is usually the representative [Read More…]