The History of Jerusalem’s Most Sacred Site

HT Christian Brady [Read more…]

Jerusalem in the Mandaean Book of John and the Origins of Gnosticism

Mandaean texts like the Book of John make reference to Jerusalem quite often – more often than one would expect if this religion had its origins in Mesopotamia, and so the very attention given to Jerusalem provides important hints about the history and geographical movements of the Mandaeans. Here are links to the passages which [Read More…]

Old City of Jerusalem

  Today most of our time was spent in the old city of Jerusalem. We started at the Kotel, the Western Wall or Wailing Wall, which is the last remaining wall of the second temple, i.e. the temple that was standing in Jesus’ time and which was destroyed by the Romans in the year 70. [Read More…]

Jerusalem and the Holy Land: A Spectacular Aerial Journey

Thanks to Stephen Cook for pointing out this video, which is just a sample of a 3D IMAX movie that is scheduled for release in 2013. Even, or perhaps especially, having just been to many of these places very recently, I can say that this video provides a unique perspective from above. The view is [Read More…]