Jurassic Palm Sunday

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How Geeks Read The Bible

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Ken Ham Explains Stonehenge

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Neglected Units of Measurement

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May Contain Nuts and BS

Jim Linville mentioned on his blog that he has had a paper accepted for the Blogger and Online Publication session at next November’s annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. The title is: May Contain Nuts and B.S. (Biblical Studies): The Politics of Academic Legitimacy Online and the Need to Properly Theorize the Category “@%!#*! Loonie” It [Read More…]

Research Terminology Explained

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Keep Clam and Proofread Carefully

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Jesus’ Diving Nature

A careful reader of the publicity material in the photo in my last post pointed out that it actually mentions “Jesus’ diving nature” where presumably it meant “Jesus’ divine nature.” Proof-reading is crucial! Although perhaps they can say that diving is here a metaphor for the incarnation… [Read more…]

If God Needs Money

I’ve seen this quote from Homer Simpson pop up in a few places recently: If God needs money, why doesn’t he just write another Bible? The first one sold pretty well.  Bruce Gerencser also included the image, and so I thought I ought to combine the two. [Read more…]