Bible Wear and Tear

Another gem from TheologyGrams! [Read more…]

What Do You Do When You Run Out Of Ideas For Memes?

From Tyler Francke’s God of Evolution blog. [Read more…]

Honest Business Cards

Anthony Le Donne has taken it upon himself to make what he calls “honest business cards” for himself and a bunch of other scholars he knows. Here is the one he made for me: Click through to see the others. What would yours say?   [Read more…]

An Important Science Fair Project

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Best Prank Ever?

I think that this is the best prank ever. Do you agree?   [Read more…]

I Don’t Always Use Internet Explorer…

Via Bob Cargill on Facebook   [Read more…]

Genesis of the Daleks

This is available on a t-shirt courtesy of Tone Cartoons. I really want one!     [Read more…]

Every Major’s Terrible

Via IO9, I learned about the song in the video above, which comes from this XKCD cartoon: [Read more…]

Is Paper Dead?

For the start of a new semester, here are two humorous commercials which suggest that paper is not going to be completely replaced by digital tablets – although it does seem that, for at least some purposes, digital is just as good if not better. What do you think? [Read more…]

Doomsday: How It Should Have Ended

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