Zombies at the Manger

From Chuck and Beans, a cartoon series which has many more holiday-themed ones, including this: [Read more…]

Darth Lucy

Via Star Roarz on Facebook.   [Read more…]

Hello Schroedinger

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God It’s High

I had this parody of the song “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables drawn to my attention at a rehearsal this week. I am confident that even those of us with high voices will appreciate the humor. [Read more…]

Tall Infographics are our Future

From XKCD   [Read more…]

Biggest Facepalm Ever

Via Pinterest [Read more…]

Restarting America

HT Jerry Coyne [Read more…]

Stormtroopers and Redshirts

From Chuck and Beans   [Read more…]

Post-Doctor Who?

From Piled Higher and Deeper   [Read more…]

Honest Trailer to The Matrix (Trilogy)

A friend forwarded me the link to the video above. It is pretty funny, even if (like me) you actually enjoyed the sequels. Some parts will offend – you are especially advised to not watch until the end, when the “trailer guy” says things at commenters’ request. [Read more…]