The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy: The Search for the Print Version

The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy: The Search for Socrates is now available in print. It includes my chapter, “A God Needs Compassion, but Not a Starship: Star Trek’s Humanist Theology.” [Read more…]

Christianity vs. Humanism?

Hemant Mehta shared this. It certainly¬†bears some resemblance to the differences between many conservative Christians and at least some humanists. But for many liberal and progressive Christians, the left hand side is simply false. We don’t subscribe to much in the way of dogma, and¬†have been at the forefront in pointing out that even when [Read More…]

Doctor Who: 50 Years of Humanism

Hemant Mehta shared the above video. It really does a great job of showing some persistent elements in the outlook of the show, although obviously no show with so many writers and such a long history will be entirely consistent. Fans will enjoy the overview of old and new, and the connections and continuities. But [Read More…]