Young-Earth Creationists Just Want To See The Whole World Burn

My attention was drawn to a site calculating the temperature that would have been caused by the radiation if young-earth creationist claims about radioactive decay rates were true. That would make the Earth in the era of its early stories a fiery furnace. And thus if heaven represents a restoration of Eden, then to accept [Read More…]

Doctor Who: The Ambassadors of Death

The episode “The Ambassadors of Death” has as its downside something characteristic of a great many Doctor Who episodes, and arguably of the entire phenomenon of LOST: a suspense-filled and intriguing premise is eventually resolved in a manner that doesn’t live up to the build-up. Nevertheless, the premise and the exploration of it is itself [Read More…]

Biblical Literalism and Science are an Explosive Mix

The following cartoon was shared today by Unreasonable Faith and then by Scotteriology (with a twist): Far worse than combining Biblical literalism with science is combining religious faith with scientific ignorance, as in the example below from Facebook which came via P. Z. Myers: For an impressive example of the sun’s power on display today, [Read More…]