Privatizing Healthcare is like Privatizing Police Protection

I thought that this quote from Randal Rauser deserved to be turned into a meme. He writes: Imagine a world in which all citizens were not extended protection by the police. Instead, the government aimed to offer people various tax credits and incentives to buy police protection from private security firms. And as a result, [Read More…]

Call for Papers on Personhood in Science Fiction

Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy Call for Papers  General Theme The Journal of Science Fiction and Philosophy, a peer-reviewed, open access publication, is dedicated to the analysis of philosophical themes present in science fiction stories in all formats, with a view to their use in the discussion, teaching, and narrative modeling of philosophical ideas. It [Read More…]

#CFP – In/Out: Forms of Space in Science Fiction

A conference about science fiction in Tel Aviv? Sure sounds interesting to me! Here are the details: In/Out: Forms of Space in Science Fiction deadline for submissions: September 30, 2017 full name / name of organization: Department of English and American Studies, Tel-Aviv University contact email: In/Out: Forms of Space in Science Fiction The [Read More…]

Is Science Fiction Prophecy? Is Prophecy Science Fiction?

One of the questions I posed in my class on religion and science fiction last fall was about the relationship between prophecy and sci-fi. The key question is whether predicting the future and getting it right is the point of these two genres. On the one hand, if Jesus predicted the end of history and [Read More…]

Not In The Spaces We Know

A special issue of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, exploring the intersection of the Hebrew Bible and science fiction, is now available in print form as a book from Gorgias Press. The title is Not In The Spaces We Know, and I mentioned the online edition here previously. You can read the blog post that the volume’s [Read More…]

Messengers from the Stars #CFP

Through this call for papers, I became aware of this journal that explores the intersection of science fiction and the humanities. [Read more…]

#CFP Women and Heresy Of related interest: [Read more…]

Charlie Jane Anders at Butler University

Charlie Jane Anders will be visiting Butler University on April 6th, and so I’m assigning a couple of her short stories in my class on utopias and dystopias. Here are the two that I thought were particularly relevant to the theme, plus two others which are slightly less related. The Day It All Ended The Fermi [Read More…]

Theology and Science Fiction Interview

I’m delighted that Wipf and Stock gave me the opportunity to speak at length about the subject of my recent book, Theology and Science Fiction. The video above is a short excerpt, part of their ANNOTATE series. The fuller interview is below. I hope you enjoy them, and that they convince you to read the [Read More…]

Science Fiction Beyond the Western Tradition #CFP [Read more…]