And Now, For Something Delicious

In response to my recent posts about sharing, it was pointed out that Delicious also allows for the public sharing of links. And so I have created a Delicious account, using the same nickname as I use on Twitter, ReligionProf, and will share things there for those who may prefer that format. UPDATE: You should [Read More…]

Interesting Posts Elsewhere: New Location!

I mentioned needing a replacement for TheOldReader. I am going to give Feedly a try – it looks promising. The main thing it lacks is the ability to share select posts to an RSS feed. But I think there is a solution which may be acceptable to those who've enjoyed that sidebar or RSS feature. [Read More…]

This Post May Cause Some Readers to Stumble

It is only recently that I have discovered how useful and interesting some of the popular sites for sharing web links can be. StumbleUpon is one which has had a button representing it on my blog posts for some time. But I didn’t pay that much attention, until I noticed that an initial foray into [Read More…]