Martyrdom Made Easy

OK, I thought I was done with┬áthe poking of fun at this topic of Starbucks cups as an alleged “war on Christmas.” But the above painting depicting one of the stations of the cup was too good not to pass on. It comes to you courtesy of Pictoral Theology. [Read more…]

They Will Know We Are Christians

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If Coffee Cups Define Your Christmas

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Sainted by Starbucks

I went to Starbucks today. The barista asked my name, and then wrote this: [Read more…]

Stars and Bucks

There were a number of interesting places to drink coffee and/or eat around Israel. One that the students on my recent trip found particularly amusing was “Stars and Bucks” Cafe: We also came across this homemade sign: I particularly appreciated this place’s name: However, when in Jerusalem I prefer to get what the locals call [Read More…]

St. Arbucks

For those who may not have seen this already (I shared it here about a year ago). Episcopal Church Memes shared it today on Facebook, adding the following comment: Icon of St. Arbucks, patron saint of coffee hour and coffee drinkers. It is said that he once survived for an entire year, consuming nothing except [Read More…]

Skarobucks Coffee

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Deathstarbucks Coffee

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St. Arbucks: The New Patron Saint of Scholars

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What if Starbucks Marketed Like Churches?

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