Doctor Who: The Sun Makers

It has been too long since my last post about the classic Doctor Who series. I finished my rewatch a while back and so just need to finish off blogging the Fourth Doctor era, having completed the first three as well as from the Fifth Doctor onwards, due to my having started my rewatch on two parallel [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: The Candidate

The episode begins in the afterlife with Jack telling Locke he is a candidate for a procedure that might restore feeling to his legs. He refuses. Helen comes in and thanks him for saving him. Later, Jack goes to see Bernard. Jack is looking for medical information about Locke, but Bernard remembers that he too [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: The Package

The episode begins with someone watching Smokey’s camp through night vision goggles. Then Smokey talks to Jin, saying that the only way for them to leave the island is for the remaining candidates to leave together with him. This makes sense, since Jacob arranged for his brother not to be able to leave not only [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: Ji Yeon

Jin says he wants to name the baby Ji Yeon. Sun says it is bad luck to talk about that at this stage. In a flash forward, we see Sun call an emergency number – she says she is pregnant, and she things something is wrong. But later, we see that she manages to give [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: D.O.C.

In a flashback, a woman on a bench claims that Jin is not just the son of a fisherman, but the son of a prostitute, and asks for money from Sun to keep the secret. Sun finds Mr. Kwon, Jin’s father. He tells her that Jin’s mother was with many men, and left him with [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: The Glass Ballerina

The episode takes its name from a flashback from Sun’s past. When she was little, she broke a glass ballerina, and then blamed the maid for having done it. Later, we learn that Sun had an affair with the man that was teaching her English, and that Sun’s father found out and ordered Jin to [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: The Whole Truth

In flashbacks, we learn of Sun and Jin struggling to conceive. We also see Sun meeting with the man from the earlier date, to learn English. A fertility doctor says that there is no way for Jin and Sun to conceive. The doctor says the problem is with her, but later confesses that he lied, [Read More…]

LOST Rewatch: House of the Rising Sun

This episode starts with an eye – Sun’s. We begin to learn about the backstory of Sun and Jin. And we have the revelation that Sun learned English and almost left Jin right before their flight. We also have the first mention of Jack’s tattoos. This is the episode in which they find the two [Read More…]

Sherlock and Geocentrism

One element in the first season of the BBC series Sherlock that sticks close to Arthur Conan Doyle’s original is the mention of Sherlock not knowing that the Earth orbits the sun. Here’s a clip of the scene: This mention of geocentrism actually makes an important point. It is possible to be incredibly gifted in [Read More…]

The Sun of God?

Jim Davila mentioned an article (behind a paywall) about the depiction of the Sun, apparently as divine, in mosaics in Israel. There are quite a number of such mosaics, and the most common connect the twelve signs of the zodiac with the twelve patriarchs, and have God as the sun in the middle. Here is [Read More…]