How To Respond Appropriately

And as an example of how not to respond appropriately, there’s this ad which thinks that you don’t need to know a language or even its alphabet in order to wish someone a Happy Hanukkah…     [Read more…]

Holiday Season PSA

From Rachel Held Evans. HT Brian LePortĀ for this year’s reminder.   [Read more…]

They Will Know We Are Christians

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If Coffee Cups Define Your Christmas

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The Perpetual Orwellian War On Christmas

The “war on Christmas” is Orwellian in character. It never ends, and is manufactured not by the purported enemy but by conservative cultural Christians, as a means of giving people an ideological focus that makes them prone to manipulation. Presumably you have seen the latest version, complaining about plain red cups at Starbucks? John Pavlovitz [Read More…]

A Friendly Reminder

Courtesy of Rachel Held Evans [Read more…]

Keep X in Xmas

The sheer number of posts today on this topic made me decide that a round-up is needed. First, Benjamin Corey’s post is the source of the image above. Michael Halcomb shared a repost from the past on the topic. Both of them focused on the fact that “X” is the Greek letter “Chi” and thus [Read More…]

Holiday Persecution?

I hope the above diagram by Rachel Held Evans helps more people find clarity about this subject!   [Read more…]

Keep Christ in Christianity

The latest cartoon from David Hayward is interesting to think about in connection with the sorts of rhetorical claims one sometimes encounters from conservative Christians regarding American society. “Keep Christ in Christmas” they may say, or “Put prayer back in public schools.” What they often fail to notice is that they have only allowed selective [Read More…]

The War on New Year’s Day

You may think that, now that Christmas is over, the war on Christmas will cease to be such a concern for a few months, and people of faith can relax. But it is not so. There is a very serious related issue that Christians dare not neglect: The War on New Year's Day. As I [Read More…]