Sacella: The Little Shrines

Late in the year, when Marco was only four, his family moved into a new house on the east side of Cleveland. The earth was cold and hard as he knelt down and sat upon his ankles. As his mother instructed, he placed the palm of  his right hand flat on the cold earth and called upon the Goddess who dwelt there as he dug in the soil with the knife he held clumsily in his left hand. It was difficult not least because he wasn’t use to working with his left hand. But only in this way would Mother Ea … [Read more...]

Ides of March

Ides Martias in anno 2764 AUCSalvete viatores omnesWhat a good date, a fortuitous date, to begin my first post. Today, the Ides of March, celebrates the festival of Anna Perenna to mark a new year. In ancient times the people of Rome would leave the City on this day to enter the Campus Martius by the banks of the River Tiber. They would spend the day camped outdoors enjoying wine and love-making. Their prayers to Jupiter were for as many new years as cups of wine they’d drink.Why is the N … [Read more...]