Greetings from Waco, Texas – Welcome to Return to Rome at Patheos.

This is the first official day of Return to Rome on For those patheos readers who don’t know much about me or this blog, let me encourage you to read my website bio and then my May 5, 2007 Right Reason posting on my return to the Catholic Church.  Other prior postings and published articles of mine that may interest readers are the following:

(Photo: Me in 1968 [in Las Vegas] at my First Holy Communion)

  • Stephen Notman

    How about including ‘Must Theology Get to the Back of the Secular Bus?’ That is one of the best essays I’ve read in years!

  • Francis J. Beckwith

    Done! Thanks Stephen.

  • Timothy Dalrymple

    Very glad to have you here, Francis. The blog looks fantastic. -Tim Dalrymple

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