Not exactly the Arian controversy

Over at several blogs, the “future of Evangelicalism,” as they like to think of themselves, is debating who and what counts as a “hipster” and whether it matters or not. See here, here, here, and here. My own sense is that if the past is any guide, today’s “hipster” is destined to become retro-humor. This means that Brian McLaren, for example, is just Henry Emerson Fosdick who listens to Steely Dan on his iPod. He’s rougly a decade away from becoming the ecclesial equivalent of another victim of a bad 8-track album cover photo-op. Eternal truths don’t go well with polyester, Che t-shirts, or even vinyl. Consider these examples:

Evangelical Hipster "band" circa 1962

Christian Hipster "mag" circa 1968

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Gerald McDermott on The Emerging Divide in Evangelical Theology
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    McLaren sounds like the 1960s to me. Bored with orthodoxy! I guess you have to be my age to have seen this kind of writing come and go.

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    Hi Dr. Beckwith,

    I had posted a question over on mereorthodoxy about evangelicalism for you…

    Would love to hear your thoughts about “the grown ups” in evangelicalism…