A Second Look at First Things: A Case for Conservative Politics – The Hadley Arkes Festschrift

Hadley with his godfather, Michael Novak, a contributor to this volume.

I am pleased to announce the official release of A Second Look at First Things: A Case for Conservative Politics, a book edited by me, Robert P. George (Princeton University), and Susan McWilliams (Pomona College), with a forward by Daniel Robinson (Oxford University). Published by St. Augustine’s Press, it is a festschrift in honor of the renowned political philosopher, Hadley Arkes (Amherst College). What follows is the Table of Contents:

Daniel Robinson (Oxford University)

Introduction: A Second Look at First Things
Francis J. Beckwith (Baylor University)

I. Conservatism, Statecraft, and Soulcraft

1. Larry Arnn (Hillsdale College)
“What is Political Conservatism?”

2. Allen Guelzo (Gettysburg College)
“Lincoln and Justice for All”

3. Susan McWilliams (Pomona College)
“Moral Education and the Art of Storytelling”

4. James Schall, S. J. (Georgetown University)
“On ‘Eating the Last Pizza’: The Wit of Hadley Arkes”

II. Jurisprudence

5. David Forte (Cleveland State University)
“The Morality of the Positive Law”

6. Micah Watson (Union University)
“Statecraft as Soulcraft: The Case for Legislating Morality”

7. Christopher Wolfe (Marquette University)
“Natural Law and Contemporary Liberalism”

III. Religion, Liberal Democracy, and the American Project

8. J. Budziszewski (University of Texas, Austin)
“Why the Natural Law Suggests a Divine Source”

9. Vincent Phillip Muñoz (University of Notre Dame)
“The Place of Religion Among the American Founders”

10. Michael Novak (American Enterprise Institute)
“Freedom Under God: An American Understanding of Religious Liberty”

11. Gerard Bradley (Notre Dame Law School)
“Veritatis Splendor: Exceptionless Moral Norms, Human Rights, and the Common Good”

IV. Communities, Persons, and Institutions

12. Robert P. George (Princeton University)
“On the Moral Purposes of Law and Government”

13. James R. Stoner, Jr. (Louisiana State University)
“The Justice of the Market and the Common Good: Justice Sutherland’s Debate”

14. Christopher Tollefsen (University of South Carolina)
“The Unborn and the Scope of the Human Community”

15. Peter Augustine Lawler (Berry College)
“Being Personal These Days: Designer Babies and the Future of Liberal Democracy”

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