“Doting Thomists: Evangelicals, Thomas Aquinas, and Justification”


That's the title of my most recent article published in the The Evangelical Quarterly 85.3 (July 2013): 211-227.  Here's the abstract: Over the past several decades, some Evangelical philosophers and theologians have embraced the metaphysics, epistemology, and natural law theory of Thomas Aquinas (1225-74), despite that fact that historically some of the leading lights in Evangelicalism have rejected Aquinas's views because they believed these views are inconsistent with classical Reformation t … [Read more...]

Paul Copan on the Mike Licona-Norm Geisler Controversy

For background, go to the Christianity Today article on the matter here. For Mike Licona's 2011 ETS paper in which he addresses this controversy, go here. (An mp3 of his November 17, 2011 presentation of his paper can be found here.)  Best blog post on the controversy can be found here. … [Read more...]

Seminary in a Box?

Yes, it is true. Not to be confused with Prince Albert in a can. … [Read more...]

An Egg-Head’s Epiphany: Norm Geisler’s Inaccurate Website Post

"So, while we are losing a few intellectual egg-heads out the top of evangelicalism to Rome,we are gaining tens of thousands of converts out the bottom from Catholicism. The trade-off highly favors evangelicalism."That is a quote from Norman L. Geisler, recently published on his website. Just this evening, a dear Protestant friend of mine (a shining light in the prolife movement) brought Norm's post to my attention. Entitled, "Why Roman Catholics are Leaving the Church in Mass," Norm alludes … [Read more...]