The God-Haunted Atheism of Christopher Hitchens


That is the title of my most recent entry over at The Catholic Thing. Here's how it begins: On December 15, contemporary unbelief lost one of its most gifted apologists, Christopher Hitchens. He, along with Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett, are often referred to as the four horsemen of the New Atheism. It is called the “New” Atheism because of its evangelistic zeal, an enthusiasm largely absent from the more urbane and engaging infidelities of “the Old Atheists” like Bertrand Russ … [Read more...]

Fr. Barron comments on why so many atheists are on the CNN Belief Blog

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South Park’s prophetic depiction of the atheist wars

Here's the low-down on what's happening in real time between factions of contemporary atheists. Thankfully, South Park has given us a vision of what the future would be like if dominated by such atheist conflicts. You can view it here. (Warning: some salty language) … [Read more...]

Fr. Thomas Crean’s Argument for God’s Existence from Necessary Truths

In his book, God is No Delusion: A Refutation of Richard Dawkins (Ignatius Press, 2007), Thomas Crean, O. P., offers several arguments for God's existence, the most intriguing of which is the following.Fr. Crean begins with the question, “What is ultimate, mind or matter?” First, he asks us to consider necessary truths. What are those? He writes: “Something that is not dependent on chance or human choice, but which has to be the case,” such as “the proposition that the circumference of a circ … [Read more...]

William Lane Craig v. Sam Harris – Is the Foundation of Morality Natural or Supernatural?

Here's a video of the entire debate that took place on April 7, 2011 at the University of Notre Dame … [Read more...]

Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

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