Meet the Revangelicals: Pastor Daniel Hill


For the second installment in my Meet the Revangelicals series (the first interview is available here), I had the honor of interviewing one of my new friends and a man that I admire greatly, Pastor Daniel Hill of River City Church in Chicago and author of a fantastic new book- "10:10- Life to the Fullest" (Baker, 2014). Daniel has a passionate heart for his church where he and his team have been doing innovative multi-cultural ministry and is committed to helping Christians walk in the abundant … [Read more...]

Live Life Up

Post By: Clark Hardy, ContributorSomething I deeply appreciate and love about my wife is the depth of conversations we often have. Each of us has an interest in people and the aspects of their experiences that result in who they are. Rachel's degree is a specialized sociology degree, and mine religion and theology. Human persons intrigue, inspire, and motivate us.The other night we were discussing how as people, we often get stuck in rut of surviving rather than thriving. Each mundane … [Read more...]

Why I Can No Longer “Stand Up” For Israel

Post By: Christian Stackaruck, Theology ContributorI love Israel.I have studied, lived, and served in Israel and cannot wait to return to do so again. Further, many of my dearest friends are Israeli or are ardent supporters of Israel. Recently, reading about recent violence between Israel and Palestine in the news has reawakened years of questions and emotions that, from time to time, I succeed in laying to rest.I used to be pro-Israel in every sense of the word. After departing … [Read more...]

Church of Fear, Church of Love

Post By: Matthew Morrissey, ContributorIts 11pm on a Sunday evening, a time that represents an end and a beginning; a completion and a threshold share their presence. Sitting across from me is my friend, my brother and confidante. As we consume the remaining crumbs of a shared three dollar appetizer I am reminded of how extraordinary the ordinary can be. He talks and I listen; that’s our usual rhythm. We tell stories, stories that represent our togetherness and stories that tell our journey. … [Read more...]

3 Ways Christians Use Theology to Misuse the Bible

Post by: Christian Stackaruck, Theological ContributorIn recent years, theology has garnered a very popular reputation as being dead. In fact, more people probably believe that Elvis is alive and well than the study of theology. As a student of theology I have come to know this quite well. When asked by Christians what I study I now say, “ministry,” and when speaking with non-believers I say, “ancient Near Eastern languages and religious systems.” In the instance of the latter, I do not soun … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Atheism…


Last week I had the honor of continuing a three year tradition of sitting down and chatting with my friend, the artist and prolific author Frank Schaeffer at the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina. Every year that I have sat down with Frank, I have been blown away by his compassion, spiritual fervor, and honesty. Every year, I walk away from our conversation filled with hope and a renewed energy to continue pressing in to my mission and vision for a new kind of Christianity. … [Read more...]