The State of The Union: An Evangelical Reflection

SOTU EvangelicalReflection

 Tonight, President Barack Obama stepped in front of the nation and our elected officials to give a report on the state of affairs in the United States of America. As President Obama stepped up to the podium to speak to our nation, he unveiled an ambitious path of progress for the US over the final two years of his presidency. Much of what the President laid out will be debated and dissected for weeks to come, while other programs will likely gain swift support from a majority of our … [Read more...]

Mormons Support LGBTQ Non-Discrimination Measures…Come On, Evangelicals!


On Friday night, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints posted a revised statement on LGBTQ Discrimination to the Churches official website: “Church leaders recognize the existence and difficulty of same gender attraction and acknowledge the difference between having same-sex attraction and acting on it. They censure only the latter, and leaders strongly advocate for understanding, inclusion, and kindness toward people of all gender orientations. The Church website mor … [Read more...]

We’re All Biblical Literalists…Until It Comes To Torture

One of the most frustrating realities that I continue to bump into in my evangelical community is the way that the pro-violence war mindset of many conservative Americans has seeped into evangelical Christianity and has been assimilated with a "Christian worldview."Last week, when the CIA Torture Report was released, many Americans were shocked at the cruel, inhumane, and frankly, evil practices used by our troops to interrogate war criminals in the Middle-East. The list of practices used to " … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: Brandan Interviews Rob Bell (Part 2)


Last week, I had the awesome opportunity to sit down and chat with one of the most influential spiritual guides of our generation, Rob Bell. Rob has just released a new book that he wrote with his wife, Kristen, called The Zimzum of Love and has a new television talk show- The Rob Bell Show- airing this Sunday on the Oprah Winfrey Network, so we had a ton to talk about when we chatted last week. If you missed the first installment of this two part interview where I talk to Rob about his views on … [Read more...]

“Disarming Scripture” by Derek Flood- A Review


Evangelical theology is undergoing a major reformation. In this period of reformation and renewal, many fresh voices are rising to the surface and are helping challenge the presuppositions of both conservatives and progressives, calling us all to a more Christ centered reading of the Scriptures. Among the most impressive of these voices is Derek Flood, an artist and theologian who has been making substantial waves along the outskirts of the evangelical movement with his challenging and … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Bell Interview Part 1


Over the past week or so, Pastor Rob Bell has been blowing up the news outlets and Christian blog-o-sphere with the announcement of an airdate (December 21) for his new show- The Rob Bell Show- on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Many people have come out in overwhelming support of Rob's new endeavors, such as Danielle Shoryer, who calls Rob "a better Evangelical than most Evangelicals." Others have critiqued Rob's new show as further proof that he has "left the fold" and jumped off the deep … [Read more...]