Is Evangelicals For Marriage Equality “Shaming Evangelical Publications”?


Earlier today, my friend Jonathan Merritt released an article at Religion News Service that criticized Evangelicals For Marriage Equality for “shaming” Christianity Today, Relevant, and WORLD Magazine for not carrying our organization’s advertisement. Though well intentioned, I think Jonathan fundamentally misunderstood why we referenced the rejections of our ad from these magazines.We affirm the right of any and all publications to be able to decide whom they allow to advertise within their … [Read more...]

A 9/11 Prayer


On this most solemn of morning for Americans, there are always a wide range of emotions. Can you believe that it has been 13 years since that fateful September morning when our nation was attacked? I was in fourth grade. I remember the day so vividly in my mind. Today, I sit in my office in Washington D.C. looking out over the busy streets. Flags are flying at half-mass to call to memory all of those who were lost. I see the Washington Monument in the distance, standing tall, a symbol of pride … [Read more...]

Al Mohler Critiques Me & Evangelicals for Marriage Equality


Good Morning Friends!As I am participating in the launch of Evangelicals for Marriage Equality we are receiving a wide range of response from very supportive to very critical. This morning, Dr. Al Mohler, a man I have met with personally on a few occasions and really respect despite our theological and political differences, offered a critique of my op-ed in TIME magazine on his daily podcast. It's certainly worth a l … [Read more...]

I’m an Evangelical For Marriage Equality (A New Role)

EME Graphic 3

Today is a big day for me.For over a year, I have been a part of a collaborative effort with a good number of evangelical pastors, authors, politicos, and journalists to create a new organization focused on changing the hearts and minds of evangelicals on the issue of Marriage Equality.Today, that organization is officially launching.And not only that. But today, I am excited and privileged to announce that I get to serve as the spokesperson of Evangelicals for Marriage … [Read more...]

Dear Western World, Islam is NOT Behind ISIS (Interview with Dr. Scott Alexander)

Interview By: Chris StackarukThese past few weeks all eyes have been on the Middle East. ISIS and Hamas have owned the summer headlines as gruesome photos spill out from daily recurrences of violence.Unfortunately, so many cameras pointed at so-relatively-few religiopolitical extremists can tend to skew our understanding of Islam as a whole. On behalf of the tragedies done in its name, it becomes easy to dismiss Islam as a religion that desires worldwide domination through violence. Many … [Read more...]

Haven’t We Learned? (A Call To Action)

Nobody is perfect. People make mistakes. Sometimes innocent people are killed. This is the unfortunate reality of living in a world where injustice and violence exists. But what has been taking place across the United States over the past couple of weeks- the ongoing killing of young African American men by police officers- is utterly unjustifiable occurrence to be taking place in 2014 in America. Haven’t we been here before? Haven’t we seen similar actions in our nation’s short history? Haven’t … [Read more...]