On Sabbath, Marriage Equality, & the Age of Grace

Not long afterward Jesus was walking through some wheat fields on a Sabbath. His disciples were hungry, so they began to pick heads of wheat and eat the grain. When the Pharisees saw this, they said to Jesus, “Look, it is against our Law for your disciples to do this on the Sabbath!” Jesus answered, “Have you never read what David did that time when he and his men were hungry? He went into the house of God, and he and his men ate the bread offered to God, even though it was against the Law for t … [Read more...]

Reformed & Always Reforming

Today, on many Protestant Church Calendars, is Reformation Day. The day in which we commemorate the boldness and bravery of Martin Luther and many other Reformers who took a bold stand in the 1500's against theological and political corruption they observed in the Catholic Church. (That is an oversimplification, of course.) None of the Reformers set out to cause divisions or to break away from the mainstream Roman Catholic Church. All of them hoped to be a force of reformation and renewal within … [Read more...]

Fear & Faith.


Throughout my entire faith journey with all of its up's and down's I have tried to remain rooted in a community of faith. I believe that humans, created in the image of the Triune God who is, fundamentally and eternally, a relationship, have an intrinsic need for community. It is our deepest longing- to be united with God and with one another. And it is when we separate from community and embrace isolation that we begin to devolve spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because of … [Read more...]

A 9/11 Prayer

On this most solemn of morning for Americans, there are always a wide range of emotions. Can you believe that it has been 13 years since that fateful September morning when our nation was attacked? I was in fourth grade. I remember the day so vividly in my mind. Today, I sit in my office in Washington D.C. looking out over the busy streets. Flags are flying at half-mass to call to memory all of those who were lost. I see the Washington Monument in the distance, standing tall, a symbol of pride … [Read more...]

When God Seems Distant

We all go through spiritually rough periods in life. Sometimes, that period may last a few days. Other times, it may be a few months. And Occasionally, it may last a few years. But what do we do when our faith seems to be a dry as a desert and God seems as far away as the stars? What do we do when we feel lost in the world, left behind, or forsaken by God? Of course, we could quote Bible verses that tell us Jesus will never leave us and is always close by. We could pretend that somehow that will … [Read more...]

Recalibrate: Is Peace Even Possible?


This has been a week of turmoil in our world. With our collective eyes fixed on the violent conflict taking place in Israel, or on the upset in the Ukraine, or the violence and injustice in our very own community, it is easy to get flustered. It is easy to fall in to thinking that this world is spiraling out of control and to be overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness. Will peace ever come in the Middle East? Will the terrorism around the world come to end? If there is a God in the heavens, why … [Read more...]