The Virgin Mary & The Queer In Us All

Guest Post: Rev. Dr. Jeff K. Hood, Guest Contributor If it was not for your willingness to follow God, I doubt I would be writing. I just received my doctorate from Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University for a project entitled, "The Epiphany of the Queer: An Exploration in Theology." For so many years, you have inspired me to keep going. There are many who would say that a man married to a woman should not be doing queer theology. Often, I try to reason with those who are c … [Read more...]

Have the Conversations

Guest Post By: Andrew J. Belcher, Founder, Heart for Holiness Ministries Why can't we have conversations about our beliefs? Why is it so difficult for people who claim the name of Jesus to put down their superficial walls of biblical arrogance for just one minute in order to hear someone else's point of view about something that they too are claiming to be from scripture? It seems to be such a point of pride in the contemporary christian church. The church is flooded with this type of C … [Read more...]

Why I Am Going To A Southern Baptist Conference On Homosexuality

Sunday night I will board my flight here in Washington D.C. and head down to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberties Commissions National Conference. This years theme is The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage, which I know will make many of my progressive readers cringe. A Southern Baptist conference on Homosexuality? Why would someone who has recently become a public spokesperson for a national organization working for Marr … [Read more...]

Culture Wars & Christ (An Excerpt from “Nomad”)

The following is a small, unedited excerpt from my upcoming book, Nomad: Not-So-Religious Thoughts on Faith, Doubt, and the Journey In Between.  During the summer of my freshman year in college, I went on a choir tour to Greece and Cyprus. During our tour of Athens, after climbing up the long, rugged staircase that leads to the Acropolis, we took a moment to stop and look out over the ancient city. The view was breathtaking. As we began to wander around the ancient temple, our tour guide noted t … [Read more...]

The Leap (A Reflection)

There comes a point for many of us when everything seems to go from a sharp black and white to a dozen shades of grey. All of the things we once were so sure about in life now become up for grabs. All of our desires, beliefs, and convictions begin to seem a lot less resolute, and we begin to feel like the ground beneath us is beginning to crumble. We try to grasp on to something to give us that familiar sense of security, but it all seems to fall through our hands like grains of sand. Waves of … [Read more...]

What Makes Someone A Christian?

Over the past four years of my blogging career, I’ve probably addressed the question “What makes someone a Christian?” about twenty times. You would think that this would be one of the most basic (and most important) questions for Christians to be unified on, but like most matters relating to Christianity, things are never what they seem they should be. Yet throughout my interactions with other Christians online, I continue to find it necessary to stop and reaffirm what we’re talking about when w … [Read more...]