Culture Wars & Christ (An Excerpt from “Nomad”)


The following is a small, unedited excerpt from my upcoming book, Nomad: Not-So-Religious Thoughts on Faith, Doubt, and the Journey In Between.  During the summer of my freshman year in college, I went on a choir tour to Greece and Cyprus. During our tour of Athens, after climbing up the long, rugged staircase that leads to the Acropolis, we took a moment to stop and look out over the ancient city. The view was breathtaking. As we began to wander around the ancient temple, our tour guide noted t … [Read more...]

The Leap (A Reflection)


There comes a point for many of us when everything seems to go from a sharp black and white to a dozen shades of grey. All of the things we once were so sure about in life now become up for grabs. All of our desires, beliefs, and convictions begin to seem a lot less resolute, and we begin to feel like the ground beneath us is beginning to crumble. We try to grasp on to something to give us that familiar sense of security, but it all seems to fall through our hands like grains of sand. Waves of … [Read more...]

What Makes Someone A Christian?


Over the past four years of my blogging career, I’ve probably addressed the question “What makes someone a Christian?” about twenty times. You would think that this would be one of the most basic (and most important) questions for Christians to be unified on, but like most matters relating to Christianity, things are never what they seem they should be. Yet throughout my interactions with other Christians online, I continue to find it necessary to stop and reaffirm what we’re talking about when w … [Read more...]

Do Your Friends Know You Love Them?


I only rarely use this blog space to share other peoples blogs, but today on Donald Millers Storyline website, the fabulous Shauna Niequist reflects on what it means to be a good friend. It is such a worthwhile and important little post that you would be better for reading. In it, Shauna reflects on a conversation shad had with our husband where they discussed some of their good friends and what makes them so good. From this conversation, she takes a way a very important point. Here's a bit of w … [Read more...]

Jesus Isn’t Going to Take My Zoloft

I have been taking Zoloft (anti-depressant) for four years. I began taking it during my freshman year in college because I had been suffering from severe panic attacks for about five years and they were beginning to severely interfere with my ability to function in school. Before I became a Christian at the age of twelve, I suffered from severe anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. When I came to Jesus, I was told that I would be healed and finally find joy and lasting peace.For the … [Read more...]

Recalibrate: Is Peace Even Possible?


This has been a week of turmoil in our world. With our collective eyes fixed on the violent conflict taking place in Israel, or on the upset in the Ukraine, or the violence and injustice in our very own community, it is easy to get flustered. It is easy to fall in to thinking that this world is spiraling out of control and to be overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness. Will peace ever come in the Middle East? Will the terrorism around the world come to end? If there is a God in the heavens, why … [Read more...]