Can We Save the Word “Evangelical”?

Many people in the Christian world are facing this issue of hijacked terminology.  The words have lost much of their true meaning to fiery new meanings and seem to be beyond redemption. Many Christians caught in the middle of this are ready to simply forfeit the words and come up with new terminology for the Christian faith, marking a clear distinction between the moderate Christians who use the terms and those who misuse them on the ends of the spectrum.One such word is Evangelical. There is … [Read more...]

Rethinking Sex…

One of the biggest challenges of being a Christian young adult is trying to understand what to do with your sexuality and sex drive. In the conservative Christian world it is unanimously accepted that any kind of sexual activity outside of marriage is sinful and should be refrained from at all costs. This means no masturbation, no intercourse, and for many, no physical interaction of any kind with the opposite sex (other than the sanctified Christian side hug). These kinds of restrictions leave … [Read more...]

Will the REAL Evangelicals Please Stand Up?

When I became a Christian at the age of twelve, I was quickly informed that I was a “fundamentalist” and we were the “true” Christians who stuck to the fundamentals of the Christian faith. For the next six years I would wear the title with a sense of pride. I was a fundamentalist- yes, a bible thumping, street preaching, republican voting (even though I couldn’t vote…) fundamentalist, just like Jesus.  After six years of hardcore devotion to fundamentalism, I was forced to leave my community of f … [Read more...]

Welcome to Revangelical!

Three short years ago I started a radio show with my two best friends at my college called The Bridge with the mission of bridging the divides between evangelicalism and those of other denominational perspectives. After about five months my college canceled the radio show because we had begun to dialogue with folks that were too far beyond its theological comfort level. (to be fair to them, we DID have Tony Jones on the show...) Soon after it's cancellation, we turned the radio show into to a … [Read more...]