Living As Functional Atheists

Guest Post by Duane Beachey, Author Reading the Bible As If Jesus Mattered I read Sam Harris’ book, Letter to a Christian Nation. Harris is among contemporary atheists who have authored books to convince people of atheist beliefs. It’s an interesting book. He’s right about some things. I’d have to say that I couldn’t believe in some of the descriptions of God he offers either. He highlights the worst abuses of people of faith and blames the religion itself for those abuses. He points out Christi … [Read more...]

The Church, New Age, Love, & Fear (Brandan on #StephenSoulTalks)

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with Stephen Lovegrove for his YouTube show, Stephen Soul Talks, to chat about all things spiritual. Stephen asks some great questions and sparks some fantastic conversations centering around everything from the Church, New Age Mysticism, and the power of love. Stephen is a very awakened guy who offers a ton of great insights of his own, so I know that you will benefit from listening in to our conversation! Enjoy!Grace and Peace- Brandan … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: N.T. Wright Speaks About His New Book!

N.T. Wright is the worlds foremost New Testament Scholar today. Over the past two decades, he has been dominating evangelical Biblical scholarship and New Testament Theology, as well as stirring quite a few pots among the American fundamentalist and reformed crowd. But besides his prolific amount of scholarly work, what has made N.T. Wright such a powerful influence on many evangelicals is that he is not afraid to engage with scripture in light of modern culture and allow the Bible to speak into … [Read more...]