Dear Western World, Islam is NOT Behind ISIS (Interview with Dr. Scott Alexander)

Interview By: Chris StackarukThese past few weeks all eyes have been on the Middle East. ISIS and Hamas have owned the summer headlines as gruesome photos spill out from daily recurrences of violence.Unfortunately, so many cameras pointed at so-relatively-few religiopolitical extremists can tend to skew our understanding of Islam as a whole. On behalf of the tragedies done in its name, it becomes easy to dismiss Islam as a religion that desires worldwide domination through violence. Many … [Read more...]

Does the Bible Belong In Congress?

Hemant Mehta posted a blog over at Friendly Atheist yesterday covering the story of the Assistant House Whip Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS), a Tea Party member elected in 2010, sending a Bible to every member of Congress this week. Along with a copy of the Bible, Palazzo sent the following note:“Dear Colleague,On a daily basis, we contemplate policy decisions that impact America’s future. Our staffs provide us with policy memos, statistics, and recommendations that help us make informed dec … [Read more...]

Church of Fear, Church of Love

Post By: Matthew Morrissey, ContributorIts 11pm on a Sunday evening, a time that represents an end and a beginning; a completion and a threshold share their presence. Sitting across from me is my friend, my brother and confidante. As we consume the remaining crumbs of a shared three dollar appetizer I am reminded of how extraordinary the ordinary can be. He talks and I listen; that’s our usual rhythm. We tell stories, stories that represent our togetherness and stories that tell our journey. … [Read more...]

Christianity IS Humanism

"Therefore, imitate God like dearly loved children. Live your life with love, following the example of Christ, who loved us and gave himself for us. He was a sacrificial offering that smelled sweet to God.Sexual immorality, and any kind of impurity or greed, shouldn’t even be mentioned among you, which is right for holy persons. Obscene language, silly talk, or vulgar jokes aren’t acceptable for believers. Instead, there should be thanksgiving. Because you know for sure that persons who are sex … [Read more...]

Churches Should NOT Celebrate Independence Day

I love America.I really do. I am proud to live in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. I have been to a number of other countries and in my humble opinion, none compare to the United States of America. I also see no problem with being a Christian and having a healthy sense of national pride.But there is a big problem when the two get intertwined.As Christians, we believe that we live in two overlapping realities at once- the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man. Our aim … [Read more...]

Out of Many, One: An Exhortation for Unity from John 17

In today’s postmodern, post secular, post Christendom world, there is a growing movement among the faithful adherents to our world’s religions to fragment off from one another based on doctrinal, traditional, liturgical, and a wide variety of other reasons and create individual communities that represent unique and organic expressions of their religious faith. This fragmentation has affected no community more than the Church of Jesus Christ as she continues to divide and diversify in her exp … [Read more...]