Why I Support The Presidents Executive Action On Immigration


The internet and news networks have been blowing up for the past 24 hours as news got out that on Thursday night, President Obama will announce an executive action that will shield up to 5 million immigrants from deportation. This decision has come after many noted attempts to pass immigration reform that have been blocked time and time again by Republicans in Congress. As Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention noted, … [Read more...]

The Future of Seminaries


I am currently sitting in a beautiful retreat center on the top of a massive hill in San Anselmo, California on the stunning campus of San Francisco Theological Seminary, a seminary of the Presbyterian Church (USA).I have been invited here, along with 150 faith leaders, to be a part of the launch of the seminaries new Center for Innovation in Ministry, the newest effort of the seminary to prepare innovative Christian leaders to minister effectively in our rapidly evolving world.I was f … [Read more...]

God is Green: Evangelicals Are Taking A Stand on Climate Change

Yesterday, I was interviewed by my friends at NPR on the recent growing trend of Evangelicals taking a stand on climate change. Check out the report and interview below!"On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency wrapped up two days of public hearings on its proposed climate rule that would curb carbon emissions from the nation's powers plants.The comment sessions drew an audience more diverse than the usual make-up of energy executives, coal lobbyists, and environmental … [Read more...]

A Final Word on the Middle Eastern Crisis

The past week has been a turbulent one on the Revangelical blog. After posting three articles that called for peace, an end to evangelical Zionism, and the need to look beyond what the news is telling you in order to get a more complete picture of what is occurring in Israel, I have received countless comments, tweets, and messages from people either expressing gratitude for a fresh perspective on this situation or utter disgust that I would use my blog to suggest anything other than the … [Read more...]

What Evangelical Leaders (& The Rest of Us) Can Learn From Glenn Beck

On Wednesday, Glenn Beck, the uber-conservative, tea party-ish, Mormon political commentator and personality took to the airwaves to announce that he was going to be making a "potentially lethal" career move that would put his new television network and non-profit in jeopardy. But with tears in his eyes, he looked directly in to the camera and said, "I have never, ever taken a position that is more right than this." Following the emotional build up, Beck announced that he would be loading up a … [Read more...]

Out of Many, One: An Exhortation for Unity from John 17

In today’s postmodern, post secular, post Christendom world, there is a growing movement among the faithful adherents to our world’s religions to fragment off from one another based on doctrinal, traditional, liturgical, and a wide variety of other reasons and create individual communities that represent unique and organic expressions of their religious faith. This fragmentation has affected no community more than the Church of Jesus Christ as she continues to divide and diversify in her exp … [Read more...]