We’ve Created Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been blowing up the media for the past week with his suggestion that we ban all Muslims from entering the United States. This is just another insane suggestion from the presidential candidate who has advocated for building a wall to keep out Mexicans (a majority of whom he believes are “rapists”), has said he knows how to single-handedly defeat ISIL (but doesn’t want to tell anyone), and has said captured soldiers aren’t war heroes.Many commentators, celebrities, and politic … [Read more...]

We Are The Hope Of Advent (A Homily)

This homily was given at the Maryland Air Force National Guard Prayer Breakfast on December 6, 2015.For those of you who have roots within the Christian tradition, you know that we have entered into a time of year known as “Advent”, the season in the Christian Church Calendar that culminates in the Feast of Christmastide, or Christmas as most of us have come to know it.Advent is a season of waiting, a season of expectation, where we, with great longing, await the day of deliverance, the d … [Read more...]

Comprehension Begins With Conversation

Editors' Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Moving Past Hatred. Read other perspectives here.“Comprehension begins with conversation.” This quote from my mentor, the renowned bridge-builder Dr. David Anderson, has been the guiding principle in everything I have tried to do as a young religious leader. Living in the pluralistic and diverse society, it is necessary that all of us, to one degree or another, become principled pluralists, able to engage intelligently and re … [Read more...]

On Being An Evangelical

Over the past few years as I have undergone a major transformation in my understanding of the world, my faith, and myself. Yet in the midst of all of the transformation, I have remained fairly committed to my identity as an evangelical Christian. Many people have asked why I have fought so hard to keep using this word that so many people in my progressive world view as unattractive. Likewise, many of my conservative brothers and sisters have insisted that as a queer, progressive, universalist, … [Read more...]

There Are No “Biblical Men”

Growing up as a young boy within Evangelical Christianity, I was constantly inundated with teaching from my pastors and youth leaders on what it looks like to be a “Biblical Man”. I would be taught the importance of being a leader and protector, and warned about allowing my emotions to get the best of me. Along with some of these general concepts of masculinity, I was also taught a whole slew of other cultural standards for what it looked like to be a man. In Youth Group, when all I wanted to do … [Read more...]

The Flames of Baltimore (A Call to Reconciliation)

Tonight, my hometown, Baltimore, Maryland, is on fire. Literally. Stores are burning to the ground. Cars are engulfed in flames in the street. But there are also many other kinds of fires burning in Baltimore tonight. There are flames of rage in the hearts of many who live in the margins of the city that have continually been subjected to discrimination and harm at the hands of those who have been commissioned to protect them. The flames of passion and grief has risen in the hearts of many … [Read more...]