Meet the Revangelicals: Pastor Daniel Hill

For the second installment in my Meet the Revangelicals series (the first interview is available here), I had the honor of interviewing one of my new friends and a man that I admire greatly, Pastor Daniel Hill of River City Church in Chicago and author of a fantastic new book- "10:10- Life to the Fullest" (Baker, 2014). Daniel has a passionate heart for his church where he and his team have been doing innovative multi-cultural ministry and is committed to helping Christians walk in the abundant … [Read more...]

Reading the Bible As If Jesus Mattered…

Every once in a while I will get asked by a publisher to endorse a book. A few months ago, Cascadia Publishers reached out to me about endorsing a new book by Duane Beachey, a Mennonite Pastor from Kentucky titled Reading the Bible as if Jesus Mattered. When I received the manuscript of the book for review, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. As I began reading through the chapters of this book, I was struck by how truly accessible Beacheys writing was and how his approach to re-reading the … [Read more...]

We Make The Road By Walking

Today is the day that my friend Brian McLaren's newest book We Make The Road By Walking releases on Amazon and wherever books are sold. This new book is very different than anything Brian has written before in that it is not really a book at all. What Brian has created is a devotional/lectionary of sorts that goes through a year's worth of scripture and offers his always fresh, well informed, life-giving insights on the text. It really is like a sermon from Brian on every major portion of the … [Read more...]

Review: “Got Religion?” by Naomi Riley

About the Book:Why are young people dropping out of religious institutions? Can anything be done to reverse the trend? In Got Religion?, Naomi Schaefer Riley examines the reasons for the defection, why we should care, and how some communities are successfully addressing the problem.The traditional markers of growing up are getting married and becoming financially independent. But young adults are delaying these milestones, sometimes for a full decade longer than their parents and … [Read more...]