Meet the Revangelicals: Pastor Daniel Hill

For the second installment in my Meet the Revangelicals series (the first interview is available here), I had the honor of interviewing one of my new friends and a man that I admire greatly, Pastor Daniel Hill of River City Church in Chicago and author of a fantastic new book- "10:10- Life to the Fullest" (Baker, 2014). Daniel has a passionate heart for his church where he and his team have been doing innovative multi-cultural ministry and is committed to helping Christians walk in the abundant … [Read more...]

Looking for Lizards…

The following is an unedited excerpt from my upcoming book "Nomad: Not-So-Religious Thoughts on Faith, Doubt, and the Journey In-Between"Have you ever gotten lost? The wide range of emotions that one experience when you realize that you’re is lost is quite fascinating. Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, the feeling is one of thrill- adrenaline begins to course through your veins and you begin to consider the various ways you might get out of your predicament. Other times, discovering t … [Read more...]

Seventh Gay Adventists: A Review

Film Summary:David loves Jesus and wants to go to heaven, but he also wants Colin. Marcos was fired for being gay, but wants to be a pastor again. And Sherri wants her kids to grow up to be good Seventh-day Adventists even though the church teaches that her same-sex marriage is sinful. All three are caught in the middle between the church they know and love and their desire to be fully accepted for who they are. 'Seventh-Gay Adventists' offers a revealing look at the inner spiritual world … [Read more...]

A New Kind of Evangelism: Rethinking The Way We Spread The Good News

A few months back I counted it a privilege to have the up and coming Evangelical scholar, Owen Stachan offer a guest post on The Revangelical Blog about his new book Risky Gospel. Here at Revangelical, I have always tried to maintain a balance between discovering and promoting progressive ideas and honoring some of the more traditional Evangelical ideas. So after reading Owens post, I felt that it was good to have his position represented on Revangelical, while also feeling myself disagreeing … [Read more...]