Dare to Be You!

Sounds simple? Try it for a day. Most of us that have been raised in Western culture have been deeply indoctrinated from the time of our birth with a whole lot of programing about how we should act, look and be in the world. Between the advertising, fashion, and pharmaceutical industries, many of us have had pretty heavy doses of the message that we need to be someone other than who we are. So much so, that we stop questioning our own internal wisdom and begin to believe that if we look a certain way, drive a nice car, or perform in just the right way, we’ll be happy.

(C) Carl Studna

The United States is one of the most affluent countries in the world, owning a tremendous amount of material goods, yet we have one of the highest depression rates in the world. We’re on a slow learning curve in discovering that our true happiness is not derived from outside possessions and products. Of course, certain material goods can make our lives easier and be of support, but they are not our source of happiness. Some of the most peaceful and happy people I’ve met live in countries that, by Western standards, live in poverty. They maintain a deep level of humility, presence and compassion while simply showing up in the world giving of their gifts and being of service to their communities.

In order for us to truly live an authentic life, on purpose with our unique and precious gifts, we must detach ourselves from the constant static of these outside influences. Begin to recognize which thoughts are yours and which are programed by some outside source. How can we tell the difference? Here’s a clue…..if your thoughts carry any energy of need fueled by subtle (or not so subtle) panic, constriction, or other emotions driven by fear, it’s likely that you’re not being guided by your true internal compass.

When we are truly in tune with our own natural rhythms and not being influenced by the outer lies, we are on fire. We’re deeply inspired, clear, confident and fully present in our way of being. We’re not concerned about outcomes or failure because failure doesn’t exist when we’re living an authentic life based in integrity and compassion. Only lessons for becoming wiser and making course-correcting changes live in this purview.

Dare to be you and watch your life become the enhanced Technicolor world that you previously could have only imagined in your dreams, filling you with the richest of hues, colors and depths. Your unique gifts are a radiant treasure and the world is waiting.

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