Living Above the Clouds

(c) Carl Studna

It’s such a privilege to live in an historical time where living a life of freedom is becoming more prevalent throughout the world. In Western culture, it’s become common that many of us take the act of freedom for granted, but in terms of human history, we’ve been living free lives for such a short period of time…just a blink of the evolutionary eye. Given how recently we’ve acquired this precious gift, one would think that we’d hold this unalienable right in deep gratitude and cherish our abili … [Read more...]

Bold Humility

(c) Carl Studna

Often, when we think of a humble person, a quiet, kind and selfless image comes to mind. The Random House Dictionary’s definitions of Humble are:·         Not proud or arrogant. ·         Feeling insignificant, inferior or subservient. ·         Low in rank, position or status. ·         Courteously respectful.   ·         To destroy the independence, power, or pride of. ·         To lower in rank, position or status.Few of these definitions sound like leadership qualiti … [Read more...]