Being Deeply Rooted

As we move into the winter season, I'm looking out of my office window gazing at thousands of pine trees swaying in the gusty winds. The potent sound of these gusts can be heard swirling around the house sprinkled with the whining vibration of the wind trying to make its way through the cracks of the window framing. The power of this elemental force is so turbulent and it gives me an unsettling feeling inside.I then place my attention on one of the more mature and taller pines and choose … [Read more...]

Seeing Through New Eyes

Every moment offers us the opportunity to see anew, both through our inner landscape and through our outer eyes. When we are living in the state of open and perceptive awareness, our curiosity is heightened and every thought, word, feeling and action serves as a new adventure.Remember times as a child when exploring new terrain felt like you were conquering the world? Everything appeared new and fresh, bringing a sense of mystery and wonder. This inquisitive state is our natural way of … [Read more...]