What If Today Were It?

Not in a gruesome or fatalistic way, how would you see and experience this day if you knew it were to be your last day on earth?  I imagine you’d see, feel and experience everything in a heightened sense of gratitude and appreciation. Perhaps you’d look at the billowing clouds and the rich blue sky and be moved to tears at their ever-changing beauty. Or fully feel the expansive sense of wonder of a child as she looks into your eyes as she and her mother walk past you on a busy street. Perhaps all … [Read more...]

True Vulnerability is Not for Wimps!

In past generations, the act of being vulnerable was seen as a weakness, a sign of letting your guard down and being small. As a culture, we’re clearly in the process of redefining what it means to be vulnerable. It takes a lot of courage to let down our defenses and simply show up in the present moment being open, receptive, honest and compassionate. It’s as if there’s a collective fear that in so doing, we’ll be run down by those that are “stronger” and more aggressive.Yet, isn’t this minds … [Read more...]