Are You Vulnerable to Love?

Remember when being vulnerable was seen a bad thing? In reference to war, a common expression has been, “being vulnerable to attack.” In personal terms, being vulnerable to your feelings has been deeply discouraged as we’ve been told that this leads to getting hurt. We clearly come from a culture that has viewed the notion of being vulnerable as one to avoid at all costs in order to preserve safety and security.As we continue to evolve as a culture growing into greater consciousness, we’r … [Read more...]

True Vulnerability is Not for Wimps!

In past generations, the act of being vulnerable was seen as a weakness, a sign of letting your guard down and being small. As a culture, we’re clearly in the process of redefining what it means to be vulnerable. It takes a lot of courage to let down our defenses and simply show up in the present moment being open, receptive, honest and compassionate. It’s as if there’s a collective fear that in so doing, we’ll be run down by those that are “stronger” and more aggressive.Yet, isn’t this minds … [Read more...]