The Path… why we desparately need silence, solitude, and paying attention

My daughter and I are going up into the high country, but we'll be taking the road less traveled.Instead of parking at a trailhead and following a line on a map, we'll be walking up, behind the chalet we purchased nearly one year ago with a vision of offering hospitality, space to hear God's voice, and a sharing of life in a mountain setting with guests.  This way of getting to our destination offers no line on a map - just word of mouth, unused and overgrown roads and subtle paths which, if … [Read more...]

Enough: the power of rest, rhythm, and “no”

My recent vacation was a gift in every way.  Seeing our oldest daughter in her world was a gift.  Being in the places I travel for work, without working (and without snow), was a gift.  Receiving the vacation as a gift from the church I lead was deeply encouraging.  Enjoying fellowship with close friends who live in Europe was a gift.  And, significantly, there was the gift of a lesson learned....We live in a world of objectives where success is defined, often, by "how much":  How much work ca … [Read more...]

Dancing the Sabbath in 6/7 time

I'm privileged to teach in Europe every year for a week or two. Europe, you know, is what the Republican party is afraid we're becoming if we let everybody have access to health care. It's the "post Christian" culture that so many are afraid we'll become if we don't vote properly. I'm not certain what "becoming like Europe means"... I know it means that we'll spend less on health care per capita while our mortality rates will drop and our longevity rates will rise. I know it means that church … [Read more...]