Guns or Sons? David Brooks Frames the Debate on Meet The Press

While many obsess over gun control laws, the more pressing question is what we can do to better “influence” the souls that may eventually use them. On Meet The Press (NBC, July 22, 2012), NY Times political and cultural commentator David Brooks was asked by host David Gregory if the Colorado shootings may cause “some kind of national moment” to occur.  Brook’s response framed the issue clearly and poignantly. He said: … [Read more...]

Ask Up!

Art Linkletter captured the hearts of millions of Americans thirty-five years ago when he tried something on television that no one else was doing – asking children questions. He carved out a niche for himself and drew upon his audience’s fascination by giving children the microphone while the adults sat back for a change . . . and listened. Linkletter summed up his motivation for quizzing kids in his books, Kids Say The Darndest Things: “There’s a vast gulf between the world of children and our own. And every time we bridge that gulf – even if it’s only for a moment – we recapture some of the … [Read more...]