The Loneliest Number!

“It is not good for …man to be alone…” - Genesis 2:18“One is the loneliest number …” -Harry NilssonFriendship is like food; we need it to survive!You and I are Formed for Friendship, we are only at our best when they are at their best. When you cultivate and tend to the health of your friendships, you are taking care of yourself in more ways than you may know.In recent years health researchers have proven that one of the biggest health hazards in our society is stress. But, perhaps even more important to recognize, is that one of the greatest causes of stress is loneliness or isol … [Read more...]

Winter Is Gone!

One of the most astounding visuals of late is what is occurring in Yosemite Park in California. An unusual snowing and cold winter has begun to thaw and the results are that astounding waterfalls are breaking out all over the part in ways not seen in decades.  This clip from NBC Nightly News is one to be watched and absorbed.  After a year so full in the earth of unprecedented numbers of tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and more - there is something encouraging and refreshing about what is going on in Yosemite. As I watched it, the words that kept coming to me were ... "Winter is over. The r … [Read more...]

Your Story is Strong!

“All Jesus did that day was tell stories — a long storytelling afternoon.” -Matthew 13:34, The Message“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” - Maya AngelouEvery summer an avalanche of hardback and paperback novels flies off the shelves at bookstores across the country. Millions of buyers pick up a new piece of fiction in which to escape while relaxing on the beach or traveling on vacation. There is a reason for this — everyone loves a good story!Stories shape our lives, our world, even our souls. Stories capture our imaginations.The moment the preacher begi … [Read more...]

The Twig in the Cement

While digging the foundation for a new church in Kingston, Jamaica, I learned a lesson about character I will not soon forget. Lacking the most in construction experience, I depended on the directions of my skilled co-laborers. After shoveling through several yards of ditches for the foundation in the sweltering tropical heat one afternoon, we finally started to pour the cement.As I spread and packed the muddy mixture with a rake, a tiny twig fell from the bank and into the cement. Thinking nothing of it, I continued to spread the hardening substance and just patted the twig into the mix. … [Read more...]

You Were Formed For It!

“Two are better than one…” - Ecclesiastes 4:9 “The better part of one’s life consist of his friendships.” - Abraham Lincoln“Describe the best day of your life?” In the manner of Art Linkletter, the former television talk show host who made a living asking children great questions, Daley Mackall asked this question of a little girl named Meredith: “Describe the best day of your life?”“I’ll give you the worst first,” she said. “I climbed a tree by an old country school and jumped off and busted my arm.”“And that was also your best day?” Mackall asked.“Yes, because my friend was there … [Read more...]

Ask Up!

Art Linkletter captured the hearts of millions of Americans thirty-five years ago when he tried something on television that no one else was doing – asking children questions. He carved out a niche for himself and drew upon his audience’s fascination by giving children the microphone while the adults sat back for a change . . . and listened. Linkletter summed up his motivation for quizzing kids in his books, Kids Say The Darndest Things: “There’s a vast gulf between the world of children and our own. And every time we bridge that gulf – even if it’s only for a moment – we recapture some of the … [Read more...]

Living Life From the Soul

"...the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, ...and the man became a living soul." Gen. 2:7 NIV/KJV "The tragedy of man is not that we die, but that which dies in us while we still live." Albert Schweitzer We were designed by God to live life one way . . . from the soul.  For some reason, however, more often than not, most end up living life in almost every other way except that one.When a young adult begins to discover how to tap the resources of their soul, they find a virtually inexhaustible supply of strength, motivation, … [Read more...]