The Infra-Structure of Anti-Muslim Hate?

This is another interesting account of how American attitudes toward Muslims are being shaped. [Read more...]

Crossing Which Line?

In other words expressing one’s feelings in public isn’t just personal self-expression. It is a political act that influences the ways that others act politically. [Read more...]

Muslims in America?

Attached you will find a link to an interesting perspective on Muslims in America. I don’t agree with everything the author says, but it is food for thought. [Read more...]

Are Muslims Encouraged to Lie to Non-Muslims?

Once again the anti-Muslim bloggers have been having a field day, this time with the concept of “taqiyah” or dissimilating (lying). It is said that the Qur’an teaches the Muslims are allowed to lie to non-Muslims, and that Muslims can thus have a secret agenda. Thus when they assert that theirs is a religion of [Read More...]

A Brief Informal Account of Islamic Law (Shari’ah)

Understanding Developments in Islamic Law (This is a brief outline just to clarify an number of misunderstandings. References at the bottom for anyone interested in knowing more.) The Qur’an creates a new world-view among Bedouin tribes in the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. Transcendent: Humans are in direct relationship to the unique and transcendent God. Eschatological: [Read More...]

Wisdom and the Religious Other

Many organizations in our world are devoted to inter-religious understanding. These articles in the Elijah Foundation Newsletter offer a 12 step program we all need to join. Robert [Read more...]

Religious Freedom and Religious Responsibility

When Christians think about Islam and the Muslim world one of the most common issues on their mind is the question of freedom of religion. In the popular mind the United States, and by extension Christianity, allows each person to freely choose and practice his or her own religious faith. Islam, by contrast, is believed [Read More...]