Sex, Marriage, & Fairytales by Jefferson Bethke

Jeff is a friend, I am thankful for the voice God is giving him for this generation. … [Read more...]

“Deers Cry” by St. Patrick

I love this song, lyrics are shown too. Sung by Ireland's Rita Connolly"The Deer's Cry", attributed to St Patrick, is known by several names: "The Breastplate of St Patrick" and "Lorica" to mention two. It is a beautiful prayer celebrating a God who lives with his children, guiding them, sheltering them, strengthening them. A God who is with us and in us through his Creation. In 1994 Irish composer Shaun Davey put a section of the Breastplate to some wonderful music in his CD "The Pilgrim". … [Read more...]

T.D. Jakes on Living with Purpose with Oprah Winfree

Click Photo … [Read more...]

Live For Music by Shaun Canon

I met Shaun Canon in Los Angeles at the Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit. He is a talented soulful singer, hard-hitting pianoman, and a cinematically innovative songwriter. He composed an original song that will be featured on a Pepsi commercial, performed with teen sensation Greyson Chance, Won a Gold AVA award as co-producer of the TV show "Vivir Bailando", performed for President George W Bush, wrote the theme song for Shadow Complex (top selling and award-winning video game of 2009), placed a … [Read more...]

Keeper of the Heart (That Keeps Up the Fight) by Joyce Ricciardelli

Many, many moments,Of agony and grief,Your heart nearly spent,There seems no relief.The misery is endless,The days go slowly by,There seems no escape,The walls - oh, so high.Though you feel all alone,And think nobody cares,I am who is listening,In the midst of your despair.No life goes without notice,No life goes without tears,I am ever-present,Dispelling all your fears.Keeper of the night,Keeper of the light,Keeper of the heart,That keeps up … [Read more...]

‘The Resurrection:’ Hollywood Producer Aims for God’s Sequel to ‘The Passion’

Article written by Alex Murashko of the Christian Post:; @AlexMurashko (Twitter)David Wood, is a friend being interviewed below. We spent time together in Los Angeles last week at "KEYS conference", and is one of the most connected voices for God in the Hollywood scene. We are absolutely supporting this project. Please prayerfully support this project and continue to pray for the increase of godly presence and influence in Hollywood and the spheres of … [Read more...]

Whitney Houston Remembered for Her Faith in Christ by Jennifer LeClaire

Article by Jennifer LeClaire of Charisma Magazine and Video of Eulogy by Kevin Costner below.(Whitney Houston) Whitney Houston was laid to rest on Sunday after a Saturday memorial service at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J. Despite her struggles, her family and friends called out her faith in Jesus at the ceremony.“I don’t care what was going on with her, I don’t care what it was, she stayed grounded in the Word,” Patricia Houston, the singer’s sister-in-law and manager, said at the fu … [Read more...]

Whitney Houston’s Tragic Death – “A Tribute” by Robert Ricciardelli & Kim Clement

I grew up in the Whitney Houston Era. I loved her music, I loved her faith, and I believe she is one of the most talented voices that most people will ever hear on this planet called Earth. But she is gone now. I know there will be all kinds of talk, religious or otherwise on her life especially the negatives, but you know something, through it all, God never stopped loving her. I saw a recent video of her praying over and prophesying over Pastor Kim Burrell. There is no doubt in my mind that … [Read more...]

How To Be Successful by Tyler Perry

This 4 minute video of planting seeds and the grace of God will lift your hearts in the visions and dreams you have been given.Click here for video … [Read more...]

The “Courageous” Resolution by Robert Ricciardelli

I really enjoyed the movie "Courageous." It is probably one of the best Christian films I have seen in recent years, from the story through to the great casting and directing. It is meant for Christ followers or those open to faith in Christ. This resolution I have modified for men and women. There are many homes that are led by single parent women. This is a resolution for all parents. My kids are older, but I am still resolved to be the best father and grandfather I can be. For those unmarried … [Read more...]