Death: The Gateway to Transformation by Dennis Peacocke

"For a will takes effect only at death, since it is not in force as long as the one who made it is alive.” –Hebrews 9:17 (ESV)Death does not always relate to the actual end of a life, in a physical sense. Ideas can die, relationships can die, habits can die, and so can projects or perspectives. In fact, our lives are filled with a slow-but-constant set of things “dying” as we move through the various stages of life. The issue is not what is dying, but rather that which has passed from our liv … [Read more...]

Toxic Faith by Robert Ricciardelli

Toxic Faith (a summary)1.         INTRODUCTIONA.   The following is a summary of the book Toxic Faith by Stephen Arterburn & Jack Felton (Oliver-Nelson, 1991)B.   I wrote this years ago because of the continuing abuse by church systems and church leaders, but also by church members who have drank the religious Kool-aid.2.         INTRODUCTORY ISSUESA.   Religious addiction1.   Def. of addiction: when a person is excessively/compulsively devoted (sacrificing family, job, econom … [Read more...]

The Platform by Alan Smith – Personalized for Robert Ricciardelli

In 2002 while we were living and building the foundational platform for the Converging Zone Network, God very clearly spoke to Joyce, build a platform for His voice to be heard. It was confirmation that we were to build a platform for God's voice to be heard through many others who carry His heart and purposes. Just a year later, we met Alan Smith, and at that meeting after hearing our story, Alan looked at us and told that the dream he had a year earlier was very much about us, he declared, … [Read more...]

Dennis Peacocke Radio Interview on Kingdom Economics

Joining Debra Rae for this month's TRUTHTalk edition of the show is Dennis Peacocke a much sought out as a passionate voice for biblical foundations that undergird freedom, prosperity, and community. An author of four books, pastor, and international lecturer on applied theology in business, economics, and current events, Peacocke offers premises and solutions for substantively addressing the menacing global crisis at hand.If acted upon, Peacocke’s informed Christian challenge promises to c … [Read more...]

Getting Out of Ourselves by Dennis Peacocke

Self-centeredness is the core and curse of our fallen nature. We can’t get out of ourselves. Our own lives, will, and perspective are the be all and end all of our myopic existence. Of all of our eccentricities, our preoccupation with ourselves is the most difficult of all "prisons" to escape.Self-centeredness is the core and curse of our fallen nature. We can’t get out of ourselves. Our own lives, will, and perspective are the be all and end all of our myopic existence. Of all of our ecc … [Read more...]

So God Made a Farmer by Paul Harvey

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How Bible Reading can be Bad for your Spiritual Health by Richard Dahlstrom

Reading about mountains is different than climbing themSome of the most important truths in the Bible are found in obscure passages that never made the highlight reel of miracles, crosses, virgin births, and empty tombs.  Tucked away, for example, between Jesus healing of a sick man by a fountain, and his feeding multiple thousands with a few loaves of bread, I found one the most powerful, and least talked about statements Jesus ever made.  His miracles created quite a stir among people who h … [Read more...]

Why the Current Church Can’t Disciple Nations by Dennis Peacocke

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My New Year’s Resolutions, 2013 by Greg Austin

I Hereby Resolve .....My New Year's Resolutions, 2013I have studiously avoided falling into the New Year's Resolutions trap for all of my adult life. I've seen too many failed diets, too many failed self-improvement promises over the years, and rather than set myself up for inevitable failure, I have simply avoided disappointment through disengagement.But this year I've given in, surrendered to temptation. I'm joining the masses, marching to the drumbeat of convention. I'm making my … [Read more...]

The Dangerous Heresy of Zionism by Carl Medearis

Seven Biblical Answers to Popular Zionist AssumptionsPosted on August 22, 2011 by Stephen SizerSeven Biblical Answers to Popular Zionist Assumptions1. God promises to bless those who bless Israel and curses those who curse IsraelThis popular if misguided assumption is based on Genesis 12:3. It shows how vital it is we allow Scripture to interpret Scripture. First, the original promise was made to Abram (that is Abraham) and no one else. Second, there is nothing in the promise to … [Read more...]