God Does Not Need Middle Management by Robert Ricciardelli

This is going to all Popes, Apostles, Prophets, Bishops, Priests, and Pastors and any other leader who has influence over people. God relates with you directly, and does not need you to get between his relationships with others, as He desires to relate with them directly. You are called to point people to God and not to yourself or any other system or agenda. When you command that they look at you, serve you, get answers from you, you begin to minimize, dilute, and most times get in the way of … [Read more...]

Conversational Leadership in Today’s World by John Chasteen

All leaders have to develop their communication skills to be effective leadersDoes it seem like this generation is becoming relationally dysfunctional, or is it just my thinking?  Not long ago in a private discussion with another professor at the university I was introduced to an alarming trend that seems to be affecting the younger generation. My finding was that sociologists are beginning to discover that the upcoming generation is severely lacking in what you and I would call common re … [Read more...]

Eight Lessons Leaders Can Learn From Tiger Woods” Life by Joseph Mattera

The epic saga of Tiger Woods' fall from being touted as a model citizen and athletic superstar to a reckless, self-centered, out-of-control sex addict serves as a leadership lesson for all of us. The following are important principles we need to take seriously for ourselves and those we are leading:I. Leaders need to build their lives upon the solid foundation of good character and morals, not on gifts and abilities. You can master the art of making money but miss it in the arena of … [Read more...]

“Eleven Leadership Lessons from Tim Tebow’s Success” By Joseph Mattera

Like many others in the country, I have been closely following Tim Tebow’s journey from college to professional football, and I am thrilled with his incredible success in the NFL!Tebow was picked low in the first round of the college draft because of his supposed weaknesses as a passer. This was in spite of him winning the Heisman Trophy and leading his team to two BCS National Championships.Since his days as a college quarterback I have been impressed with his incredible leadership a … [Read more...]

What it Means to Be an Authentic Leader by Robert Ricciardelli

“The hierarchical controls of titled, and entitled leaders of various systems have marginalized people throughout history. There are authorities, assignments, and gifts that God gives to serve others, but His Kingdom is never self-serving and always beckoning its citizens to lay down their lives for others. Ambassadors for God are empowered to lead through the foundation of God’s love and strength, filtered by humility. —Robert RicciardelliMany people have written on what it means to be a lea … [Read more...]