The Mind: Beautiful Servant and Dangerous Master by Robert Ricciardelli

The mind can play tricks and deceive you. We must search for God and truth in all of our thoughts. The mind will justify what the heart has chosen. It will give you every reason, including scripture to back what you have chosen. the key is the choose wisely and then let the mind serve the best choices you can make based on God and authentic values. … [Read more...]

The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn’t Give Up!

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The Dangers of Revelation – The Classroom Without The Lab & Other Pitfalls by Tricia Exman

Ahhh, revelation!  Don’t we love it when the Holy Spirit illuminates the Word, unfolds mystery, and shares secrets with us?  Being awakened to Truth is so incredibly exhilarating!  However, there are dangers that we all need to be aware of and avoid.The reality is that it is very easy to become a revelation junkie.  Let me explain what I mean by this.  To me, this danger is the most important for us to understand.  The first and primary reason the Lord grants us revelation into Truths is for … [Read more...]

Desires, Dreams & White Walls by Tricia Exman

It’s fascinating that the heart is the container of those desires the Lord wants to give us when we delight ourselves in Him, and it is also the place from which flow the springs of life (Psalm 37:4; Proverbs 4:23).  I have an incredible interest in studying the connections between our heart, our emotions and our brain – it’s something that has intrigued me for the past few years and the Lord has shown me so many ways that science has proven the Truth of His Word.  Imagine, the God Who created us … [Read more...]

Beliefs Determine Behavior by James Ryle

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts” (Proverbs 4:23 GNB).Solomon’s proverbial insight are as relevant today as ever before. “Be careful how you think,” he tells us, “your life is shaped by your thoughts.” In the New Testament we are told by the apostle Paul that our lives are transformed by the “renewing of our minds”(Romans 12:2).In other words, beliefs determine behavior.We are living in historic times – times that require deep conviction and decisive cou … [Read more...]

The Elephant in the Room by David VanCronkhite

When I was 12, I had to memorize the poem "The Blind Men and the Elephant" for a school competition. I've never forgotten it.Six blind men describe with great certainty the mighty elephant, each touching only one part of it, never the whole animal. The one part they do experience and describe seems very accurate, but their overall conclusions about the whole elephant are wildly and laughably distorted. They assume their experience and viewpoint is the totality of the creature. No doubt, six … [Read more...]

Change Your View, Change Your Life by Robert Ricciardelli

God is a creative God, and He’s given us the ability to create as well. It all begins with what you see in your mind’s eye. The way you see yourself and the world around you matters much. Sight has to do with what we can see, but vision has to do with what we can be. You will grow at the level of your faith and your vision. See yourself the way God sees you. See yourself as an overcomer, one who is learning and growing in faith, wisdom, and favor. Change the picture you have of your life, and you … [Read more...]

Separating Fact from the Fiction of your Mind by Robert Ricciardelli

People often get depressed, negative, and anxious from interpretations they have internalized as facts! Many thoughts become false perceptions that our mind automatically embraces as truth about ourselves and our circumstances. Engage with God in discerning the truth from the lies you have believed, and interrupting those patterns by renewing your mind to His truth. You will become more solution focused and not problem focused, and you will reject the victim identity while embracing the fact … [Read more...]

Are YOU Here? by Pablo Giacopelli

Click here for video"I AM who I AM" - GodLiving in the present is something that many are talking about nowadays yet very few of us understand the meaning of it much less experience this phenomenon in our own daily lives. Too many of us unfortunately shy away from it in fear that it might be the product of some weird Far Eastern religion or cult, when in reality it is where live was always meant to be lived. You see most of us spend our time either in the past where we find our identity … [Read more...]