Failure Remains an Illusion for Those Who Do Not Quit by Robert Ricciardelli

Often times the most dramatic conflicts we face are not with others those but are actually struggles within ourselves. If we can win the struggle within we can begin to see less conflict and more victory. Every obstacle we face is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure. The way we think about our challenges can defeat us before we ever attempt to do anything about it. We can be overcome by it because our thoughts have already made it a reality of … [Read more...]

You are Launching Your Eternal Journey by Robert Ricciardelli

The Way, the Truth, the Life in Christ is not a place of landing, but a place of launching. It is a journey of knowing, and the Way of knowing has no ending as it is a constant flow of life and of being the life. Being in Christ along the Way does not end in death as death is just a departure from one dimension of life and into another. God knew about you before you were even shaped in the womb. Before you saw the light of day God had arranged for you to be a part of him, His light and love to … [Read more...]

The Power of Fusion with God and Each Other by Robert Ricciardelli

We are quickened through Christ to live a life that is born from above. We are connected to God and each other which collectively brings forth the fullness of life on earth as it is in heaven. The divine fusion of God in each of us and through each of us gives us experience in the collective and connective power of God. You will never find spiritual enlargement as an isolated, separate individual, but in relationship with others we can witness the expansion of the unseen power of God manifest … [Read more...]

Are You a Safe Place for Others? by Robert Ricciardelli

People are looking for a safe place in a world of dangerous relationships. Are you a place of safety for others? Will you love them regardless of what they believe? Will you stand with them always? Agenda-less love is what people are looking for. I choose to be a safe place for my friends and family, and I hope real friends will do the same for me and for others. This will not happen organizationally and can only happen through the transformational seed of God's agape love within. Be a safe … [Read more...]

Dying So That We May Truly Live by Robert Ricciardelli

There is a day in which we must die. Die to our self-focus, our opinions, preferences, tastes, and will. We must die to the world and its approval or critique, and die to the approval, blame or shame of even of our family and friends. We must look at our lives as one with God and one in God. When we can truly die so that we may live the freedom life that God has designed for us, we can then show ourselves approved to God alone.Do you see dying to self a positive thing?It is important to … [Read more...]

Surrendering to the Mind of Christ by Robert Ricciardelli

The keys to abundant life are found through our intention of pursuing Christ and the Kingdom of God. To know His ways, His love for us, and His thoughts for us to live abundantly in Him. This is how we must think. The path illuminates for us as we surrender. If we do not surrender to God within, we are often powerless, and it allows for everything around us to influence us. We will always do best by filling our minds by meditating on things that are true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, … [Read more...]

Releasing Wisdom and Creativity Through Your Life by Robert Ricciardelli

God had you in his mind well before the earth got its start. He was celebrating who you would become in Him before any mountains were formed or rivers were flowing. You are loved by God and destined to live a life of wisdom and creativity. Wisdom and creativity are inseparable, in fact, creativity is a manifestation of wisdom in the context of excellence and integrity. Wisdom is personified in Christ, and the companion of God in the creation of all things. Therefore wisdom and creativity must … [Read more...]

Faith Without Humility is Going the Wrong Way by Robert Ricciardelli

One of the greatest indicators of spiritual maturity is to realize that there are things that you just do not know. It is the understanding that the more you learn of God, the greater His majesty and mystery becomes. People living in the divine ways of the Spirit are always humble and forever beginners. Those who are pride filled "know it alls", always right and never wrong, are far from the heart of God. If you are not humble, one knows you have not experienced the Holy One which utterly … [Read more...]

Overcoming Our Presuppositions by Robert Ricciardelli

Locked and loaded in our presuppositions can cut off meaningful conversations, relationships, and truths that might be discovered through the perspectives of others. The suppositional truth we have adopted may not be absolute truth and if we become constant learners, we will evolve towards greater truth and understanding of God, ourselves, and the world around us. We must be willing to challenge our belief systems and allow for the Spirit of God to sweep away the false from our minds to make … [Read more...]

Experiential Truth Ignites the Power Within by Robert Ricciardelli

The Divine power of God is available to those who are in absolute oneness with God. Such power unleashed upon everyday life around the world is largely unknown by the world systems. This knowledge of God can only come through revelation. Many fail to see the practical dynamics of the Kingdom of God and the power of personal presence in any context or circumstance. Experiential truth is far more important than the knowledge of the truth, and it often comes through great pain, when we are at our … [Read more...]