The Bible Can be Dangerous with the Wrong Heart by Robert Ricciardelli

Self centered people misuse human love and often misuse Divine Love, and the very Word of God. Religious encounters can lead toward righteousness, and yet when misappropriated, can lead toward evil. An inflated ego bent toward self advancement after a spiritual experience can be very dangerous. Unless we resolve the textual conflict that happens because of misguided eros love, the Bible will continue to be one of the most dangerous tools used against mankind. Unless we go beyond the written text … [Read more...]

Unconditional Love: A Love that Conquers All by Patrick Carden

People have a hard enough time figuring out what love is, and then there’s unconditional love, which some will argue is the only kind of real love.According to Merriam-Webster, “unconditional”means not conditional or limited: absolute, unqualified.  So it stands to reason that unconditional love means a love that is not conditional, not limited; a love that is absolute and unqualified.  Love cannot be love without being unconditional.Love isn’t just a feeling, it is an action.  A feeling … [Read more...]

A Brand-less Move of God by Robert Ricciardelli

I want to be part of a radical move of God and His agape love, and call it "nothing," because once we have given a name to "Our" movement, we have just become exclusive. Exclusivity fueled by pride from those who have separated themselves from the nonconformists to their movement is often the very reason for their decline. From a God who Himself is Love, inclusivity of His love is the only answer for humanity. Jesus said, "You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all … [Read more...]

Secrets of the Father by Bob Mumford

Bob Mumford last year at a rare conference for him. This is only  a sampling of 10 minutes of his message, but will encourage you. We are blessed to have him pour into our lives. God has used him immeasurably the last several years to bring Joyce and I to greater revelation of His Kingdom and His Mysterious Seed within us. More of Bob's stuff including two of my favorite books, Agape Road and Mysterious Seed.Click here for video … [Read more...]

The Agape Agenda by David VanCronkhite

Love has never been a mass movement. Never.So be wary of those who say they represent the Kingdom of God but do not carry God’s DNA, which is always about love. Always!No matter what you call yourself -- an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God, a Parish Priest, a Kingdom Carrier, or whatever the trendy term is for the year or decade, your credential for that position will always be that you have been impregnated by the Seed of God and carry His DNA.Don’t get caught up in causes and opi … [Read more...]

The True Measure of Success in the Kingdom by Joseph Mattera

In our American culture we glorify results and performance. The measure of our success is often the level of positive response received, monies raised, and number of people we gather.In this article I am examining if the above view lines up with biblical standards since, if the measure of success stated above is correct, then many of the great biblical and historic heroes of the faith were really miserable failures!This topic has been especially important to me because, since 2003, I … [Read more...]