Please Pause for This Post-Election by Lee Grady

After this bitterly divisive election, the Lord’s Prayer can reunite us. Please pray it often.Election 2012 was a bitter contest. As of Wednesday night—when my home state of Florida was still counting ballots—President Obama had 59.6 million votes compared to Mitt Romney’s 56.9 million. Democrats still control the Senate and Republicans still control the House. The political gridlock of the past four years is here to stay.We are a very, very divided nation. We are split on so many levels— … [Read more...]

Christians, Ministry and the Coming Economic Collapse by Jose Bosque

As the year draws to a close, and Christians in America begin to nudge heaven for a word concerning their future, it’s important to note the persistent doom and gloom that exists. It seems that we are divided into two major camps, those expecting life in a tribulation-like setting (prophetic) and those who don’t care about anything (carnal Christians) except maybe the economy and how it affects how many dollars are in their pockets.I would like to offer a different look at 2012 and what it ho … [Read more...]