Hope for Despairing Christians by Tony Campolo

Hope for Despairing Christians In A World That is Getting Worse and Worse by Tony CampoloBy Tony CampoloFor many Evangelical Christians, the normative attitude is to view world history with despair. Most have been led to believe that forces of darkness are increasingly raising havoc in the world as we move toward the end of history. Many have grown up believing that evil will become more and more pronounced in the last days, and the demonic forces of darkness more and more evident in … [Read more...]

Loving Your Enemies by Robert Ricciardelli

Anybody can love a friend, but the proving of agape love comes when we love our enemies. Through the power of God's love we are able bless those who curse us and we can hold back from retaliating to those who have hurt us. We can be at peace knowing that it is God's job to take on injustices rather than seeking our own vengeance. We may hate the conduct of others while at the same time hoping and praying for redemption in their lives. We can overcome evil with good through the power of loving … [Read more...]

Rest in God Beyond the Outcomes of Life by Robert Ricciardelli

The presence and peace of God cannot be realized when stuck in the "doing" of life rather than the "being" in God. There is a rest that only can come from being one with God. It’s about not being attached to the outcomes in life, but about being present and happy whether you achieve your goals or not. We must let go of the person the world thinks we should be and enjoy every part of the journey in the integrity of who God designed us to become. Do not abandon your goals, but embrace the peace a … [Read more...]

Supernatural Trickle in the River of Life by Robert Ricciardelli

We are each a tributary in the "River of Life." There’s Living Water flowing from each one of us. Even when we think that we’re only a trickle, trickles join with others forming a stream. Streams flow together to become a river and rivers flow to nourish the land and it's people, first becoming ankle deep, then knee deep, then deep enough to swim in. We must never underestimate the power of the moving water of Spirit and Life. Trees of life grow on both sides of the River with fruit from heaven t … [Read more...]

God Will Show You “How” to Move Past your “Why” by Robert Ricciardelli

Why did I not get the job? Why don't I have joy and peace in my life? Why did this happen to me? Why, why, why? The "Why" questions in life are not nearly as productive as the "How" questions. How am I going to overcome this? How can I get that job? How can I find real joy and peace? You may never find the answers for "Why," but God can give you the insight and direction on "How." Seek God with all of your heart, soul, and mind, and He will show you how to navigate with Him through every area of … [Read more...]

Yielded to Christ: In Every Trial There is a Blessing by Victoria Boyson

There is an unclean spirit whose sole purpose is to convince us that he is God. He comes sounding very much like God and plays on our weaknesses and on our sinful thoughts and desires. It is sent to deceive those who have a strong gift of intercession, and it seeks to gain access to our hearts and minds to use our prayers to bring harm to the Body of Christ. One of its goals is to cause our mouths to come into agreement with the realms of darkness.This demon may present himself as a gift of … [Read more...]

Living Every Moment Well by Robert Ricciardelli

So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They are busy doing things they think are important but have failed to reveal the glory of God through a purpose filled existence. They are lacking revelation of the here and now Kingdom and the part they play in it. The way they can get meaning into their lives is to devote themselves to loving God, loving others, and being committed to building community around them. Purpose and meaning will come as they are present in every moment and … [Read more...]

Knowing God Beyond Knowing About God by Robert Ricciardelli

We can come to know God by learning about God, but knowing about God without really knowing Him relationally means nothing. We just need God, living, loving, moving, and having our being with Him. He is waiting on us to acknowledge Him in all of our days while He delivers in miraculous ways. Our willingness to illuminate and reflect our intimacy with Him is foundational in maturing us into the image of Christ and the power of His presence. Fear, inadequacies, and all obstacles are conquered … [Read more...]

When Nobody Meets Somebody by Robert Ricciardelli

Reality life is not about becoming a somebody. You are already a somebody who is becoming magnificently ordinary in order to submit your life to a real Somebody. It's about becoming reduced in order to live a maximized life. Somebody then takes a willing nobody and raises them up with all glory going back to Somebody. Somebody then lives with within the nobody and transforms them into the image of Somebody. That Somebody is Jesus, who can take any nobody and make them a somebody for all … [Read more...]

You Have Come a Long Way Baby by Robert Ricciardelli

Most of us are aware of how much more we need to learn and grow in every area of our life while moving toward our goals and dreams. But can you imagine where you would be today if it had not been for the goodness of God? We all have a long way to go, but with a "thanks be to God," look back over your life and realize how far you've come. The same God that brought you this far is going to carry you through any difficulty you may be facing. The goodness of God rests upon you and is with you for … [Read more...]